Camp Counselor From Washington State Dies When Struck By Vehicle

Police reported that Corrie Lazar, 21, was struck by a vehicle while walking along Route 41 in Mount Vernon. Ms. Lazar was a camp counselor and was with two other counselors at the time of the incident. She had come to Maine from Washington State to be a camp counselor. Ms. Lazar was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mia Jessup, one of the other counselors walking with Ms. Lazar, was also struck and was hospitalized. The third counselor, Lloyd Olsen, was reportedly not hurt.

Police reported that Joseph Rouleau, the driver, may have been under the influence of alcohol and that alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.

Our firm, Peter Thompson & Associates, successfully tried a case similar to this involving a drunk driver who, due to his intoxication, was unable to avoid an otherwise avoidable accident. We used experts to establish how much the drunk driver’s lntoxication delayed his reaction time and from there constructed a time and distance model showing that, if he had a normal, sober reaction time, he could have easily avoided the accident once he saw the pedestrian in the roadway, even though it was dark and the pedestrian, in this particular case, was wearing dark clothing. It is unclear from news accounts whether Ms. Lazar or Ms. Jessup were wearing light or dark clothing.

There is a brief account of the accident at the Portland Press Herald,

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