Celebrating a Safe and Sober Labor Day Weekend

More people are expected to travel in the U. . this Labor Day holiday weekend than any other year since 2008, according to Union Leader.According to Pat Moody, with AAA-Northern New England, the number of motorists expected to be seen on our area’s roadways will be up close to 5 percent compared to the same time last year. And that’s expected to be higher than the 4.2 percent increase calculated for the national average.

“It looks like Monday, September 2, is the most popular day to return for a holiday trip so people are trying to get out even with a lot of the schools starting up before the holiday,” said Moody.

Our Portland car accident lawyers understand that Labor Day is one of the most dangerous holidays to be on our roadways. AAA estimates that there will be more than 34 million people throughout the country who will be venturing out 50 miles or more from their home for their holiday travels. With the increase in traffic, we’re also expected to see an increase in the number of motor-vehicle accidents. As a matter of fact, officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) are estimating that there will be more than 390 lives that will be lost over the long holiday weekend because of traffic accidents.

According to Cars.com, Labor Day is defined as the travel period from Aug. 29 through Sept. 2. And during this time, more thans29 million Americans, or close to 90 percent of travelers, will drive to and from their destination. The average traveler is expected to cover a round-trip distance of close to 600 miles, 32 miles less than last year, while spending an average of $804, a more than 7% increase.

During this time of the year, and especially during the holiday weekend, we’re asking drivers to focus on safety. Autumn is a busy travel time in New England. As many of our celebrations will entail a drink with friends and family members, it’s important to remember that we should never get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Alcohol can affect your driving by reducing your reaction times, and may impair your vision, cause difficulty in understanding sensory information, leave you feeling drowsy, provide over confidence, and may influence tendencies to break road laws.

Federal officials have estimated that about a third of fatal car accidents involve an impaired driver. This percentage is much, much higher during holiday travel weekends.

If you want to help keep our roadways safe this holiday weekend, keep an eye on your surroundings. It is important to know the kinds of signs to look for in determining an incidence of driving under the influence. If you see a driver behaving recklessly, contact the proper authorities (911, local police, state sheriffs, etc.) immediately. Some of these signs include weaving in and out of traffic, driving off the road, braking or passing excessively, speeding, hitting another object or vehicle, driving with no lights on, not using turning signals or tailgating.

We’re wishing you a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend and asking you to keep safety as a number one priority through your long-weekend celebrations.

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