Corinth Couple Survives Motorcycle Accident With Loose Horse in Charleston

A married couple from Corinth, Maine survived an unusual motorcycle accident this past weekend: a crash with a horse. According to the July 20 Bangor Daily News, Richard and Donna Bradford were passing by on a 2007 Harley-Davidson when a paint horse named Buster got loose from his field. He ran directly into the road, but Donna Bradford spotted him and was able to tell her husband, who was operating the bike, to take evasive action.

Law enforcement told the newspaper that the Bradfords were lucky to escape with only minor injuries. Donna Bradford was uninjured and Richard Bradford suffered minor bumps and bruises, although their motorcycle took an estimated $1,000 worth of damage. Buster was not so lucky; he suffered a broken jaw that will require surgery, lost a few teeth and has a cut on his lip. At more than 20 years old, he is a pet to Donald and Regina Boulier. The Bouliers were upset about the incident, but said they were glad the Bradfords weren’t seriously hurt. Donald Boulier said he also rides a Harley.

As a Bangor motorcycle accident lawyer, I was interested in this story because it’s unusual to see such clear evidence of an accident being caused by a domestic animal. Accidents involving loose dogs or livestock aren’t common, but they can cause serious one-vehicle accidents. The owner of the animal is legally at fault in many of these cases because most local laws require animals to be fenced, leashed or otherwise restrained from running loose. However, because there’s often no witness to the accident or to the animal’s escape, this can be hard to prove. As a result, insurance companies have an opening with which to deny legitimate insurance claims filed by accident victims. Often, it’s only after they get help from a Maine motorcycle crash attorney that victims get the financial settlement to which they’re legally entitled.

The law office of Peter Thompson & Associates represents victims of catastrophic injuries in Maine, including injuries from traffic accidents as well as injuries on another person’s property, construction accidents and serious medical malpractice cases. In many cases, these victims are struggling not only with the serious physical harm of an accident, but also very high medical bills and loss of income with which to pay those bills. When insurers refuse to meet their obligations under their own contracts, victims may need to file a Portland, Maine motorcycle crash lawsuit to recover those costs. In a lawsuit, you can claim all of the costs of the accident, including future medical costs and any loss of income. You can also claim damages for physical pain, emotional anguish and any permanent disability or wrongful death.

If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle crash caused by someone else’s negligence — including the negligence of a pet or livestock owner — Peter Thompson & Associates can help. To learn more at a confidential consultation, please contact us through our Web site or call 1-800-804-2004.

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