Motorcyclist and Passenger Recovering From Serious Injuries in Bangor Car-Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle rider and passenger are slowly recovering from injuries sustained in a July 28 crash, the Bangor Daily News reported July 30. Christopher Feltner, 29, and his passenger, Karen Jones, 41, were riding through Corinth when a car pulled out in front of them. The crash sent both Feltner and Jones to the hospital, where Feltner was being treated for a collapsed lung Wednesday. Jones was listed in good condition, but according to her mother, Marie Applebee, she sustained injuries to her hand and foot that required two surgeries.

According to a deputy from the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department, driver Glenn Burleigh of Stetson apparently didn’t see the motorcycle heading up Route 15. He pulled into the intersection from Hudson Hill Road, across and into the motorcycle’s path. Feltner tried to brake, but hit the back of Burleigh’s vehicle. Burleigh suffered no injuries and only moderate damage to his vehicle, but the motorcycle was damaged beyond repair, the article said. The crash was still under investigation Wednesday. Applebee said her daughter planned to give up motorcycle riding, but pleaded with drivers to watch carefully for motorcycles, especially in the summer.

Applebee has a good point. This accident illustrates a common problem I have seen as a Bangor motorcycle crash lawyer: cars “not seeing” motorcycles. Motorcycles are genuinely smaller and harder to see. But in many cases, drivers don’t see motorcycles in part because they aren’t looking for them — and it’s very easy to miss something when you’re not expecting to see it. In fact, the definitive study of motorcycle accidents, the Hurt Report, said that drivers’ failure to see motorcycles in traffic is the “predominating cause” of motorcycle accidents. In fact, that report found that drivers violating the motorcycle’s right of way were responsible for two-thirds of multi-vehicle motorcycle crashes and 50% of all motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, because they are without seatbelts or airbags, motorcyclists are far more likely to end up with catastrophic injuries or wrongful death as a result.

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