National program aimed to improve rescue time Bangor car accident victims

A recent article in USA Today has baby boomers buzzing about the success and ease of the Yellow Dot car program. The first Yellow Dot program began in 2002 in Connecticut, but many states have adopted the program to speed up medical attention given to victims involved in car accidents nationwide. Rescuers can treat victims quickly during the first 60 minutes, which are often crucial, following a serious car accident if they are participants in the Yellow Dot program.

Our Bangor car accident lawyers are hopeful that our state will soon adopt the Yellow Dot car program so that elders involved in Maine car accidents have a better chance of survival with the speed of care that the program offers to victims.

The Status of Transportation Safety in Maine reports there are currently more than 175,000 registered drivers over the age of 65 in Maine. During the last five years, 16 percent of people older than 65 who died were killed in motor vehicle crashes. In 2009, there were almost 4,700 crashes involving a driver between the ages of 65 and 98 in Maine.

The Yellow Dot program is meant for any age group but is particularly helpful to senior citizens involved in a crash who can’t communicate pertinent medical information. Emergency medical responders are alerted by looking for a yellow dot sticker placed on the rear window of the vehicle. The Yellow Dot folder found in the glove box of the vehicle assists rescuers who first arrive on the scene with information that can be used to treat the victim who was seriously injured in the crash. The folder contains a personal photo, medical conditions, prescriptions the victim is taking, and other important information such as allergies or blood type.

“It is very nice to see innovative programs to address the unique risks associated with older Americans and car crashes,” says Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Since older individuals tend to have more medical conditions, are on more medications and are generally more fragile, this sounds like a well-justified program, especially in light of the growing number of older Americans.”
Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, New York, Alabama, Virginia, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Connecticut all participate in the Yellow Dot car program. Alabama has the highest percentage of participants with about 30,000 to 40,000 citizens enrolled in the free program. Many other states are considering joining the program in the future.

Medical attention given in the “golden hour” is crucial to increasing the survival rate of most victims critically injured in a car accident. Motorists involved in a severe car accident are reminded to call 911, remain calm and wait for help to arrive before trying to move away from the vehicle.

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