sTeens at high risk of drunk driving accidents in Maine during spring and summer events

Prom night is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for teens — who are at high risk of being involved in drunk driving accidents in Maine and elsewhere in the country.

Portland personal injury attorneys want to remind teens not to do a dance with alcohol on this special night because it could put you and your friends at a high risk for a tragedy.East Hampton-Portland Patch reports about a teenager recently involved in a single vehicle crash who is fighting for his life at Hartford Hospital. The teen struck a tree and was ejected from his vehicle. Authorities are still investigating the events leading up to the accident. Teens are at high risk for all types of accidents, not just those caused by drunk driving.

Many high schools throughout the country are currently conducting mock drunk driving accidents on prom night for their students to witness according to Bangor Daily News. s

Mock accidents are a way of portraying the horrific events that can take place during and after a drunk driving accident. Meant to scare teens away from drinking and driving, the event often simulates an alcohol-related crash taking place, rescue efforts to save a life, bodies being transported away, and a funeral ceremony for the teenage victim who died in the crash. Research has shown that 70 percent of juniors and seniors expect their peers to drink on prom night.

Prom night is just the start of a long season of drinking opportunities for teens. Once prom is over, students begin end-of- the-school-year parties, graduation parties, and summer activities.

Knowing what a dangerous time of year it is for teens, Mothers Against Drunk Driving hope that parents are initiating conversations with their teenager about the dangers of alcohol. MADD created the ‘Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence’ program to help parents communicate with their teens about making good choices, living a healthy lifestyle and not driving under the influence. Over 6,000 teens are killed each year from alcohol-related incidents. Talking to your teens is the first step in possibly saving their lives.

MADD offers 5 simple steps to take at home for high school parents:

-Pretend you’re a coach by sharing information, discussing how to handle challenging situations and using positive reinforcement when your child makes smart and safe choices.

-Get involved in a series of conversations with your teen about alcohol’s side effects, health dangers related to alcohol, respecting the law, and ways to resist peer pressure.

-Monitor your teen’s whereabouts after school, evenings and on weekends. Set rules, limits, and consequences when rules are broken.

-Be respectful of your teens opinions and ideas. Not shooting them down will let them feel more adult and let them know you care.

-Always set a good example for your teen by practicing what you preach.

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