Spring Floods can Increase risk of Maine Car Accidents

April showers may bring May flowers but in Maine spring means floods and often winter-like storms. The combination of bare trees, frozen ground and ice in rivers is a recipe for flooding when spring rain arrives.

Our Maine personal injury lawyers caution motorists that as spring arrives so does the risk of Bangor car accidents from bad weather and flooding.

The National Weather Service is very helpful in giving advance notice when Maine’s large rivers have the potential to flood. However, flash flooding occurs when too much rain comes down too fast. And even the weather service might not have enough time to issue warnings before the flooding starts.

Maine’s Emergency Management Agency want you to know that that almost 50% of all flash flood deaths are vehicle related. It only takes about 2 feet of water for small cars and trucks to float. Recent deaths from flooding included: a man traveling on a road flooded by water came upon a section that had been washed away, a man trying to kayak in a stream, and a grandmother and her granddaughter who were swept away when they attempted to walk in flood water.

Flood and flash flood safety tips:

-Don’t drive a car on a flooded road. You have no idea how deep the water is and unknown to you the road could be washed away.

-Avoid streams during heavy rainfalls. Quick moving water is very powerful and can easily knock you off your feet.

-Never try recreational boating in flood water. The combination of swift moving water and heavy debris makes this a deadly activity.

-Don’t let children or pets outside; keep them away from flooded culverts, streams and streets.

-Always notify the appropriate authorities of any flooding.

-Never go through road blocks or barriers. You might not see water but the road could be damaged from the power of the water.

-Have a plan if you live in a flood prone area. Listen to flood or tornado warning horn signals in your town or a town nearby.

-Immediately evacuate if told to do so.

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