CDC Reports New Coronavirus Outbreak in Maine Nursing Home

According to a recent news report, the Maine Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported a spike of 71 cases of COVID-19 in the state. Approximately 57 of these new cases stem from an outbreak at a long-term care home in Cape Elizabeth. The facility primarily provides care and treatment to individuals who have Alzheimer’s and dementia. The director of the Maine CDC reported that the agency is working with the long-term care facility to address staffing concerns, infection control, and the cause of the outbreak. Moreover, the CDC provided the facility with additional personal protective gear and sanitizing materials.

The facility’s representative stated that they have complied with CDC guidance for over two months. The guidance includes control measures, visitor restrictions, and patient screening and healthcare worker screenings. They facility states that the first staff member to test positive passed a health screen just before her last shift. They are unsure whether the healthcare worker contracted the virus at the facility or introduced it into the center. One of the facility managers reported that on a Tuesday, no one at the facility exhibited symptoms, but by Thursday, half of the residents tested positive and were symptomatic. The majority of the positive staff were asymptomatic. Family members, many of whom are wishing to remain anonymous, are expressing concerns for their family members because they cannot accurately gauge how their family members are doing because of visitor restrictions.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the facility does not have a history of violations. However, it is clear that long-term care facilities and other Maine nursing homes should be engaging in additional measures to protect their residents, staff, and visitors. Even a slight deviation from the CDC’s guidelines can have a disastrous impact on residents’ lives and safety.

Many nursing homes are moving for protection for liability against COVID-19 related lawsuits. However, individuals who believe a nursing home or their employee was negligent in the care or treatment of their loved one, should contact a Maine injury attorney to discuss their rights and remedies. Although Maine has a lower rate of COVID-19 cases per-capita in the United States, it has experienced one of the most significant growth in new cases. As the state reopens, cases and new outbreaks may continue to increase. Facilities caring for and housing vulnerable individuals must take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

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