Driver from Florida rear-ended on I 395 in Bangor

Reported in the Bangor Daily News October 5, 2010

The setting sun was cited as a factor in a rear-end crash Tuesday that brought westbound traffic on Interstate 395 to a near halt during the busy evening commute.

The accident happened about 6 p.m., soon after a vehicle that was not involved started to take the Route 202 exit but veered back onto the highway after coming to a near stop, Sgt. William Sheehan of the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday night. That, he said, caused drivers behind it to slow down to a near stop as well.

One of those drivers was Jean Benjamin, 38, of Orlando, Fla., whose 1998 BMW sedan was struck from behind by a 1989 Toyota Camry driven by Deloris Miller, 54, of Bangor, Sheehan said.

“She was blinded by the sun,” which Sheehan said was setting and “very intense.

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