How Maine Drivers Can Recover Financially After a Chain Reaction Accident

When car accidents occur, people frequently assume that they only involve two vehicles and parties: the party who was hit, and the at-fault party. Sometimes, however, collisions can escalate quickly—resulting in chain-reaction accidents with devastating results. When these accidents take place, it can be overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to recovering compensation. Figuring out who to file a claim against, who was at fault, or even the facts and context associated with the accident can be challenging when so many parties are involved. However, recovering from a Maine chain-reaction accident does not need to be complicated as long as you have the proper representation to guide you through the process.

According to a news report, a 22-car chain reaction accident left at least one person dead and several others injured. In the course of the accident, a semi-truck hit a snowplow, which caused it to roll over into a ditch. Based on witness accounts at the scene, whiteout conditions appeared suddenly, and the change in the weather and visibility on the road was a probable factor in causing the crash. Following this quick burst of snow, there were at least three chain reaction crashes within a 20-mile stretch of the interstate, according to local authorities. The crashes still remain under investigation, and it is unclear how many people were injured or how serious their injuries were.

Although drivers in Maine are no stranger to similar, sudden changes to weather conditions and visibility while driving, no one expects it to result in a chain reaction accident. In chain reaction accidents, there is usually at least one party who is considered at fault. Establishing who that is, however, can often be a complicated process. In larger accidents, sometimes all of the injured parties following the initial crash that set off the chain reaction will proceed collectively against the initially negligent driver.

In preparation for your potential lawsuit, it is crucial that you gather all the information you can about how the accident took place. The easiest way to do this is to look into the police report if one was filed, potential witnesses, photos and videos from the accident, or contacting an accident reconstruction expert.

In Maine, car accident victims can file civil lawsuits to recover damages for different types of injuries or losses. For example, if you were involved in a chain reaction accident and physically injured, you could recover for past and future medical expenses to offset the costs. If those injuries caused you to miss work involuntarily, you could also recover lost wages or loss of future earnings if the damage causes a permanent leave from your work. In addition, if your vehicle was damaged during the crash, you can also receive compensation for property damage or loss of your car. Finally, Maine laws also allow damages for potential plaintiffs who have experienced pain and suffering as a result of the crash or interference with the enjoyment of life.

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