Liability After Maine Multi-Vehicle Car Accident

Many Maine car accidents cause reverberating effects that can result in traffic jams, road closings, and delays. However, some collisions can have a more serious impact, causing chain-reaction accidents and multiple injuries and fatalities. After a multi-vehicle accident, establishing liability poses many challenges to injury victims wishing to recover against negligent motorists. Almost every car accident results from someone’s negligence, and multi-vehicle accidents often arise after a series of negligent acts.

A chain-reaction accident occurs when more than two vehicles are involved in an accident. These accidents may be a series of rear-end collisions or a multi-vehicle pileup. The initial victim often faces the most severe injuries because of the inertia involved in the first collision. However, depending on the vehicles’ speed, each party can suffer property damage and physical injuries. These accidents often cause significant damage, and recovery for losses is necessary to mitigate medical expenses and potential financial ruin.

Recently, a Maine news source reported on a harrowing multi-vehicle accident near Presque Isle and Caribou. Police responded to the scene after receiving calls of several weather-related accidents on the highway. They explained that poor visibility and weather conditions might have contributed to the accidents. The accident involved 15 cars, and some individuals suffered injuries.

After accidents like the one described above, establishing liability and apportioning fault may require significant investigation and case preparation. Although authorities may claim that weather contributed to the accident, that does not negate an individual’s responsibility. Despite weather conditions, drivers maintain a duty to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner and avoid accidents. This duty means that drivers should modify their driving during severe or inclement weather episodes. The failure to do so can cause catastrophic multi-vehicle collisions.

Establishing liability is especially important in Maine accident cases because courts follow the modified comparative negligence system. Under this framework, a plaintiff may recover unless the court finds that they were 50% or more responsible for the collision, injury or death. Further, defendants may be found “jointly and severally liable” for the victim’s damages. This means that a defendant can request that a jury assign fault to other defendants involved in a case. This is often relevant when a plaintiff slams into another car after being rear-ended. It is critical that Maine chain-reaction accident victims contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

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