Maine Chain Reaction Accident Leaves One Dead

Unfortunately, automobile accidents can injure not only the people directly involved but also anyone subject to the chain reaction they cause. At the end of September, a collision on the highway in Maine ended up causing a second collision three miles away. This second collision left one man dead, according to reports from the Maine Department of Public Safety.

News articles indicate that a two-vehicle crash occurred on a Saturday morning in what was initially a relatively minor incident. One driver, operating an SUV, went into the passing lane while a driver nearby moved into the right lane. Both drivers were traveling at a high rate of speed, and the SUV rear-ended the second car as it was moving into the right lane.

The drivers and passengers from this original accident suffered only minor injuries. The highway was, however, severely congested for a while after the incident occurred. Forty minutes after the rear-end collision, a BMW was rear-ended by a second car three miles away. The Maine Department of Public Safety reports that this second crash was caused by traffic slowing in the area from the initial crash a few miles down the highway.

This second crash was much more serious in nature. Tragically, one of the drivers in the second crash was pronounced dead at the scene. The turnpike was then shut down for approximately two hours so that officers could investigate the situation. So far, there has been no allegation of foul play, alcohol impairment, or drug use in either crash.

The unfortunate reality is that a car crash affects not only the people in the car at the time of the accident, but also drivers and passengers down the road, pedestrians, and first responders who come to the scene. The chain reaction can result in injuries – even fatalities – for people who were not even witnesses to the initial accident.

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