Maine Motorcycle Accidents and Helmet Laws

For many people, motorcycles are a preferred method of transportation for their day-to-day transportation needs. Motorcycles are often less expensive to buy and own when compared to a car, they are faster, and need less storage space and gas. For these reasons, motorcycles seem to be growing in popularity for both commuters and casual riders. However, motorcycles can also pose a number of unique dangers – especially when ridden without a helmet. This is why many states, like Maine, have implemented helmet laws in order to increase road safety for motorcycle operators and to encourage the community to engage in safer practices when they choose to ride a motorcycle.

In a recent news report, two Maine residents were killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. The two individuals were on their motorcycle when it collided head-on with an SUV coming from the opposite direction. The pair were traveling on their motorcycle when they veered into the lane of oncoming traffic. The driver of the SUV was transported to a local hospital with some complaints of pain, but his passenger was uninjured. Both motorcycle passengers were reported dead on the scene, and neither were wearing helmets.

Across the U.S., not all states have helmet laws. However, Maine has had a mandatory motorcycle helmet law since 1967. In Maine, violations of helmet laws can lead to a traffic infraction. Motorcycle and moped operators in Maine must always wear protective headgear or a helmet if they are under 18, under a learner’s permit or within a year of completing a driving test, or the passenger of a driver required to wear headgear.

Additionally, recent statistics have indicated that motorcycle crash-related deaths are on the rise across the state of Maine. On average, the state sees about 540 motorcycle crashes per year. The Maine Bureau of Safety cautions all drivers, whether operating a regular automobile or a motorcycle, to exercise additional caution. Because the largest percentage of motorcycle crashes are single-vehicle crashes where they aren’t involved with another vehicle, officials are also concerned about speed, inexperience, lane departure, and impairment as potential reasons for growing numbers of accidents and fatalities.

Because of the complexity of motorcycle accident cases, potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who has worked on such cases. The laws surrounding motorcycle accidents can often be complicated, and the right representation can make or break an accident victim’s ability to recover the compensation they deserve. This is because, under Maine law, a defendant in a motorcycle case may be able to argue that the victim was partially responsible for their own injured by failing to wear a helmet. If the defendant is successful, the accident victim’s damages award will be reduced by their percentage of fault.

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