Maine Ski Resort Accidents

Skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing are popular winter sports. However, they also carry a risk of serious injury. Maine winter sports injuries can arise from a number of different scenarios; while some accidents stem from inexperience or overly-risky behavior, others involve a resort’s negligence. Ski resorts must maintain their facilities in reasonably safe conditions; however, these places have inherent dangers. Although many resorts and parks have implemented ski trail safety measures, unpredictable elements can pose risks to anyone on or near the trail.

For instance, recent news reports described an accident involving a teenage skier at a Maine ski resort. According to the resort, the 17-year-old skier was riding in a ski lift cabin when a gust of wind came through and caused the cabin to detach. After detaching from the haul rope, the cabin fell nearly 10 feet. Ski patrol transported the skier to the mountain base, where he was released to his parent. Resort employees unloaded the other guests and suspended night skiing.

In addition to ski lift injuries, winter sports participants can suffer injuries from:

  • Collisions between snowboarders and skiers
  • Collisions between more than one snow tuber
  • Improper or ineffective netting between slopes and hazards
  • Improper course-plotting
  • Off-trail skiing

Injuries vary amongst winter sports; however, skiers generally sustain lower extremity injuries, while snowboarders tend to suffer upper extremity injuries. According to one study, beginnings and medium-level skiers and snowboarders made up the majority of injury vicitms. However, other researchers found no relationship between skill and injury severity. As such, it is essential that winter sports participants stick to areas delegated for their skill level.

Personal injury lawsuits against Maine ski resorts can be a challenging feat. These resorts typically require participants to sign a waiver of liability. While the Maine legislature protects ski resorts, exceptions exist. For instance, an exception may apply if a ski lift operator’s negligence caused the accident. These cases arose when a resort failed to maintain a ski lift or train an employee properly. Moreover, accidents involving collisions may give rise to a claim against a negligent skier or snowboarder. A lawsuit might be appropriate if the negligent guest failed to abide by posted guides or signs.

Have You Suffered Injuries at a Maine Ski Resort

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