New App Aims to Deter Drunk Driving & Stop Car Wrecks

It has been well established that a driver who is drunk is not a very good driver. Drunk drivers have impaired reflexes that make them unable to react effectively behind the wheel.

Blurred vision and impaired faculties can make a drunk driver swerve or go into the wrong lane, and a driver who is intoxicated may also be more likely to fall asleep at the wheel since alcohol is a depressant.

Obviously, a driver with a very high blood-alcohol content will be the most seriously impaired and will present the greatest danger. However, our Bangor drunk driving accident lawyers know that a driver who has had just one too many is also dangerous.

Many drivers who get behind the wheel drunk aren’t completely intoxicated but are just over the line and don’t realize that they are too drunk to drive. According to MSN Autos, a new app can now provide a method of testing BAC on a smartphone, which will hopefully help to ensure that drivers realize when they have had too much to drink and aren’t safe behind the wheel.

New App May Prevent Drunk Driving Crashes
The new app that aims to curb drunk driving crashes is called Breathometer. Made by a California start-up company, the app works in conjunction with a small device that plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone. You can blow into the device that is plugged into the headphone jack and the app will tell you whether you are over-the-limit.

If you have had too much to drink, the app will provide you with useful information that can help you to get home without driving drunk. For example, the app will provide information on taxi cabs and other local transportation that you can take advantage of instead of getting in your car.

The idea behind the Breathometer is that many people routinely take their smartphones out with them when they go out drinking. Provided the app is installed and the device is hooked into the phone, those who are out at bars, parties or restaurants will thus always have access to a method of testing their blood alcohol content. Those who are concerned they may have had too much to drink can find out conclusively if they are over the limit and if they’d be driving drunk if they drove home.

Checking Your BAC On the Go
The California start-up is currently working to get their product off the ground and to make it available on a widespread basis. They are seeking approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they are seeking crowdsource funding in order to produce the product for sale. Those who pledge $20 will receive a Breathometer device while those who make a pledge of $500 will receive a lifetime upgrade for all future products.

Until the product becomes available for all to buy, however, there are existing devices on the market that people can use to perform a BAC test when they are out. For around $30, you can buy a device that fits on your keychain and that will allow you to take the smart step of ensuring you aren’t a drunk driver before heading into your car.

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