Construction Work and Memorial Day Travel — Recipe for Car Accidents in Maine

Maine is going to be hit with a double whammy this Memorial Day holiday weekend as not will we see an increase in traffic because of the kickoff weekend to the summer season but construction season gets into full swing as well. Enforcement officers will set out in full force on our roadways to reduce risks of car accidents in Maine caused by speeding, drunk driving, aggressive driving and other poor driving habits.The National Safety Council recently released their yearly estimates for the number of traffic accidents for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend. This weekend is marked as the time between 6:00 p.m. on Friday and 11:59 p.m. on Monday. The Council estimates that there will be more than 400 traffic fatalities and another 39,400 injuries requiring medical attention just over the celebratory weekend because of motor vehicle collisions.

Our Maine personal injury lawyers would like residents to be extra careful on our roadways this holiday weekend as we will have the added dangers of construction zones. According to NBC 2, areas in Maine will be seeing a ton of construction as new bridges and other construction projects are underway. Drivers are urged to be extra cautious in these areas as risks for an accident are greatly increased when workers and road work is present. The city is trying to get all of the work done before all of the visitors flock to the area.

In an attempt to keep motorists safe this holiday weekend, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will be running its “Click It or Ticket” campaign. The campaign began last week and will be running through the first week of June. The “Click It or Ticket” is the most successful seat belt enforcement campaign ever. It has been proven to contribute to the highest national seat belt usage rate of more than 90 percent. Law enforcement everywhere will enact a zero-tolerance enforcement practice of seat belt laws nationwide throughout the campaign.

Over the last past six years, the long Memorial Day holiday weekend has seen an average of more than 12 percent increase in traffic fatalities than similar non-holiday periods. Many contribute this increase to the increase in the amount of travel by Americans.

Motorists are urged to follow these safety tips to help ensure road safety during the Memorial Day weekend and through high construction areas:

-Put away all distractions while your car is in motion.

-Be sure that all of your passengers are wearing a seat belt and all children are placed in an appropriate child safety seat.

-Be sure that you leave for your destination with time to spare and leave prepared with directions and routes already planned out.

-Drive defensively. Use caution and abide be all road signs and signals, especially in construction areas with frequent lane changes.

-Avoid driving while drowsy. Rest up before you venture out on to the roadways so that you can place your full attention on the road.

-Do not drink and drive. Any amount on alcohol consumption can impair your judgment and reaction time behind the wheel.

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