One Dead, Three Injured in Fatal Maine Winter Weather Accident

As winter approaches, snow, ice, hail, and freezing rain can create unsafe conditions on the road. Inclement weather can also make the consequences of careless driving even more dangerous. For example, speeding can already lead to an accident, but speeding on an icy road can make it even harder for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles. In these conditions, drivers should take extra precautions to stay safe and avoid a fatal weather accident.

According to a recent news article, one woman died and several others suffered injuries following an icy weather accident in Waterville, Maine. During the evening, local police received reports of multiple crashes resulting from icy road conditions in the north and southbound lanes of I-95 on a bridge, where the fatal accident took place. There, the woman pulled over to assist a driver who had crashed into the bridge’s barrier. As she stepped out of her car, another driver hit her while she was standing near the vehicle. The woman died at the scene. Three other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Overall, Maine State Police reported a total of 10 vehicle crashes between the north and southbound lanes on the same day. In addition to the icy weather conditions, speeding appears to be a factor in all of the reported crashes.

How Can Drivers Avoid a Maine Fatal Weather Accident?

While not every accident is completely preventable, Maine drivers can take several steps to stay safe during inclement weather conditions. Inclement weather tends to magnify existing hazards on the roadway, particularly when excessive speeding is involved. Speeding on an icy road can lead drivers to lose control of their vehicles and skid out of control. To stay safe in wintery weather conditions, follow the speed limit and drive slowly when approaching sharp curves in the road. Similarly, maintain a safe following distance. The vehicle in front of you may suddenly stop to avoid a patch of ice on the roadway. Additionally, be sure to stay focused while driving. Distracted drivers may fail to notice slippery ice or snow ahead of them. Avoid “multitasking” and give the road your full, undivided attention.

How Can You Bring a Wrongful Death Claim in a Maine Fatal Weather Accident?

After a fatal accident, Maine allows certain relatives of a deceased victim to sue the responsible party for wrongful death. A wrongful death suit is a type of negligence claim that allows a victim’s surviving family members to seek monetary damages for the victim’s death. In Maine, only a victim’s surviving spouse and minor children can seek damages through a wrongful death claim. Furthermore, a court must approve any settlements on behalf of minor children. Under Maine law, a victim’s loved ones have two years to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. In a wrongful death suit, a jury can award damages to a deceased victim’s estate for reasonable medical and funeral expenses. A jury can also award damages to a victim’s loved ones for the loss of the deceased’s companionship, which includes emotional distress claims.

Do You Need a Maine Fatal Weather Accident Attorney?

If someone you love has been killed in a Maine car accident, contact the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Peter Thompson & Associates to discuss your case. After a tragic accident, you may be unsure of your next steps. The attorneys at Peter Thompson & Associates can help you navigate complex laws around recovery and talk through your options. Our attorneys possess years of experience representing clients in cases that arise from motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury claims. Through our compassionate representation, we will work to secure the compensation you need and deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation with our firm, contact our office at 1-800-804-2004.


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