Parents Fatally Injured in Maine Drunk Driving Accident

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducts research, compiles records, and provides the public with data regarding relevant health and safety issues. One important health and safety issue that the CDC reports on is the rate and circumstances surrounding drunk driving accidents in Maine. Impaired driving is one of the most harrowing traffic risks in the United States, resulting in thousands of deaths every year. According to the most recent data, more than 15,000 people nationwide have received impaired driving charges, and over 100 people die every year in Maine because of an impaired driver.

For example, recently, a Maine couple died after a drunk driver collided with them when they were on their way to pick-up their young daughter from a play date. According to a recent report, state police were in the process of responding to calls reporting an erratic driver when they received notice that there was a two-vehicle crash. Emergency officials said that the erratic SUV driver crossed a double-yellow line and collided with the couple. The couple died upon impact, and police believe that the at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol and speeding.

In response to the rising rate of Maine drunk driving accidents, such as the one above, Maine lawmakers have employed various strategies to reduce and prevent impaired driving. Some policies include implementing zero-tolerance laws when people under 21 drive with any alcohol in their system. Further, Maine permits police officials to engage in sobriety checks. Police can stop drivers in visible locations and conduct breath tests if they have reason to suspect that the driver is under the influence. Moreover, courts may require that convicted impaired drivers equip their vehicles with ignition interlock systems. Also, Maine has promoted community coalitions, media campaigns, interventions, and school programs to thwart the rising rate of drunk driving accidents.

Drunk driving accident victims may suffer significant life-altering injuries that hinder their ability to lead a productive, healthy life. Victims may face permanent physical disabilities, lengthy physical therapy sessions, and deep emotional scarring. The at-fault impaired driver may face criminal charges, including incarceration and restitution, but they may also face civil liability. Individuals who suffer injuries or death because of a Maine drunk driver may file a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver to recover damages they suffered because of the accident.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maine Drunk Driving Accident?

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