Preventing Maine Bicycle and Vehicle Crashes

Maine biking accidents can have disastrous effects on cyclists, pedestrians, and any road user in the vicinity. The cyclist experiences the most significant injuries and subsequent damages in many cases. As a result of the growing concern about bike accidents in Maine and throughout the country, the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) lead a study to understand the prevalence and risk factors of bicycle crashes. The NTSB analyzed crash and injury data and interviewed national and local traffic safety stakeholders.

The agency identified three primary safety issue areas in the report: (1) improving roadway infrastructure for bicyclists, (2) enhancing conspicuity, and (3) mitigating head injury. According to the study, while more bike crashes involving motor vehicles occur at intersections, crash severity is higher when an accident occurs at a midblock location. The agency asserts that improving public road infrastructure with distinct bike lanes and road diets can reduce the likelihood of accidents at intersections and midblock crossings. Road diets refer to a roadway reconfiguration that eliminates travel from the road and utilizes space for other uses, such as bicycles.

Further, although there are different reasons why drivers and bikers may not detect each other in time to prevent an accident, enhancing conspicuity can reduce these occurrences. Cyclists wearing reflective clothing, bikes with lights, and in-vehicle crash warning systems could alert motorists to bicycle traffic. Finally, because head injury is the leading cause of bike-related deaths, bike helmets are an effective way to mitigate this concern.

Recently, a Maine news report described the tragic death of a 44-year-old cyclist who died after colliding with a car. According to the report, the accident occurred on the corner of Mellen Street and Park Avenue around 2:30 in the afternoon. The vehicle driver suffered minor injuries. No charges have been filed, but the crash is still under investigation.

After a Maine bike accident, many parties may be liable for the accident and ensuing damages. An attorney can help victims, and their loved ones determine the responsible parties and how to best recover damages for the incident. Some potential parties responsible for the accident may be a negligent driver, a government entity, or another cyclist. Drivers may be liable for failure to stop, speeding, or other reckless conduct. A government entity might be responsible if it fails to maintain a roadway or designs a fundamentally unsafe path that creates unreasonably dangerous conditions.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maine Bike Accident?

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