Recovering After Maine Weather Related Car Accidents

As cooler temperatures descend upon the northeast, so too does inclement weather. Although Maine is no stranger to snowstorms, ice, and other cold-weather events, driving in these conditions can be challenging and potentially deadly for even the most experienced drivers. It is essential that if you need to travel during the winter months, especially when weather events are taking place, you exercise the utmost caution to avoid a Maine weather related car accident.

In a recent news report, two people died in a crash while traveling during a snowstorm. The vehicle was traveling north when it crashed and went over an interstate guardrail near an overpass. The car landed on its roof before going over another guardrail and catching on fire. The driver and his passenger, both locals of Sanford, were pronounced dead on the scene when local authorities responded to the accident. Following an investigation into the accident, law enforcement cited speed, weather conditions from the snowstorm, and traffic congestion from another crash as major factors in causing the accident.

Following an accident involving poor weather conditions, you may be wondering if you have a legal claim. Although each case depends on the circumstances surrounding the crash, there are a few scenarios where you may be able to still recover compensation. For example, if the weather played a contributing factor in causing the accident, the other party may claim that the crash was “an act of God.” However, this defense only works if the weather was very unexpected or so significantly unusual that the other party could not have anticipated the weather.

In crashes where another party acted negligently, you may have a claim even if bad weather played a factor. Because every driver has a certain level of responsibility to consider the safety of other drivers on the road, if someone acts negligently and without concern for others’ safety, they could be held liable for their actions. To have a claim in these circumstances, you must be able to show that the other driver acted without care for others, and their carelessness caused the accident as opposed to just poor weather conditions.

Whether you’re caught in fog, snow, or rain, as a driver, you have to be on high alert during adverse weather events. In Maine, where the weather can change in just a blink of an eye, being extra careful on the road can save your life and potentially the lives of others sharing the road with you.

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