High Season for Road Construction Accidents in Maine

There’s a lot of road work going on in the area during this time of year. Officials with the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) are taking advantage of the clear weather and are getting to work on making our streets safer and more efficient for our motorists.Our Bangor car accident lawyers are asking motorists to be safe on our roadways through all of this construction. Speeds will be altered, traffic lanes will be changing and congestion is likely. We are also asking you to keep an eye out for roadside workers and vehicles. Accidents in work zones in the state of Maine have taken the lives of too many workers, commuters and other motorists. Motorists are mostly to blame for these accidents. Nationwide, there were close to 600 roadside workers who were killed in traffic accidents in 2010.

Be on your best driving behavior throughout these areas to help keep you out of an accident and to help to keep our roadside workers safe! Sightseers will abound this autumn and crews will be racing to finish projects before the snow flies.

Roadwork Scheduled in Maine:

-Paving operations will be taking place on Interstate 95 at Stillwater Avenue (Exit 186). The work will be going on through the off-ramp of Union Street to the on-ramp of Hogan road. To help to keep workers safe in these congested areas, the Exit 196 off-ramp will be closed from 7:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. Drivers are asked to use Exit 187 in the meantime. Maine Police will be displaying signage and message boards to help to guide drivers through the one-lane of traffic in the area.

-MaineDOT crews are installing traffic counting sensors between mile marker 170 and 171 on Interstate 95 in Carmel. From 8:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. of each day until work is completed, roadways will be altered to accommodate road crews. These sensors will be used to help to monitor the number of cars that use the highway throughout the year and will help to keep an eye on the traffic patterns during this time.

-State roadside workers will be working to make repairs to the Steep Falls Bridge. This is the bridge that connects Standish and Limington. Lanes of traffic will be altered from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. until the work is completed. Flaggers will also be in the area working to ease traffic flow.

-Officials with MaineDOT will be working on the railroad crossing at the intersection of Sawyer and College roads in Greene. They’ll be working to update the railroad crossing for the traveling motorist. During this time, motorists will be taken from Sawyer Road to College and Lane road instead.

-Road workers will be replacing a culvert in Woolwich on Route 127. This work zone is about 200 feet long and officials will not be allowing any thru traffic at the time. The project should be done by mid-September. Workers are replacing a culvert in deteriorating condition and are working to upsize the culvert to reflect current standards.

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