Road Rage Cited as Cause of Car Accident in Bangor

Officers are attributing road rage to a recent car accident in Bangor. The accident happened on Essex Street after a driver stopped for improperly passing and hitting another vehicle. The driver was cited for not having their current insurance card as well, according to the Bangor Daily News.Officers report the driver said he felt a vehicle was following too closely, so he asked the female passenger to scream out of the window to get the driver to “back off.” She did. The female driver being yelled at reportedly passed the vehicle to get away. As she passed the vehicle, she hit the side-view mirror and driver’s side door.

Our Bangor car accident attorneys understand that we see aggressive and dangerous driving habits on our roadways every day. These incidents often result in road rage. According to recent studies, these occurrences have increased significantly over last year. Avoiding one of these incidents is quite simple if you’re equipped with the proper safe-driving knowledge.

According to 2005 stats from the Status of Transportation Safety in Maine, aggressive driving has increased the total number of accidents and accounts for nearly 40 percent of accidents. These statistics indicate 2005 was the most dangerous year to date. Road rage incidents are often the result of unsafe lane changes, tailgating, traveling at unsafe speeds and improper passing.

According to recent statistics, aggressive driving leads for about 6 million accidents every year. Many of these accidents result in serious injury or even death. Officials believe that these statistics could even be much higher.

More studies on road rage and aggressive driving reveal that road rage accidents are up more than 50 percent in recent years, with nearly 65 percent of people driving less courteously and more dangerously and roughly 80 percent of drivers saying they are angry during most of their time behind the wheel.

Maine’s Bureau of Highway Safety offers you some safety tips to help you avoid road rage. With these incidents so common on our roadways, you’re urged to review the following tips and share them with your friends and family members.

Tips to Help Avoid Road Rage:

-Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare to avoid rushing.

-Avoid traveling during rush hour and in congested areas.

-Keep an eye on your vehicle. Make sure the air conditioner and radio are working properly and that your seat is comfortable.

-If you’re being hassled by another driver, do your best not to react.

-Keep your driving steady. Avoid braking, swerving or accelerating suddenly.

-If you think an aggressive driver is following you, drive to the closest police station for help.

-Get out of the way of aggressive drivers and allow them plenty of room to get around you. This can help you to avoid a potentially costly accident.

-If you’re being challenged by another vehicle, do not insist on your right-of-way.

-Never tailgate.

-Use your vehicle’s horn sparingly.

-Never block the passing lane.

-Refrain from using obscene gestures or expletives.

-Use your blinker to alert other drivers of your intended maneuvers

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