Safety Tips to Avoid a Maine Drowsy Driving Accident

Between the stress of busy workdays and commitments at home, drivers may have little time for sleep. However, getting enough sleep is critical to operating your vehicle safely. Drowsy driving can lead to falling asleep at the wheel, which often results in serious injury to other drivers. Even if a driver does not fall asleep, their drowsy driving can lead to distracted driving. When drivers are not alert enough to stay focused on the road, they place themselves and others at risk of physical injury and significant property damage. As a result, avoiding drowsy driving is a key step drivers should take to stay safe.

As a recent news article reported, a drowsy tractor-trailer driver caused extensive damage in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. The tractor-trailer driver was traveling on Route 127 when he hit a guardrail, causing extensive damage to both the tractor-trailer and the guardrail. When police investigated the incident, they learned the driver had caused a second accident. Just hours earlier, the driver had previously hit another tractor-trailer. Though no one was harmed, the other tractor-trailer endured severe property damage. The driver received an out-of-service order for violating safety conditions on the road, which temporarily prohibited him from driving. Police blamed the accident on drowsy driving and inattention.

How Can You Avoid Drowsy Driving?

Though it can be hard to make time for adequate sleep, preventing drowsy driving is critical for preventing injury to yourself and others. The simple answer is often the best: get enough sleep before operating your vehicle. The demands of work and home can sometimes make it hard to prioritize sleep. However, by focusing on sleep, you are also focusing on safety. Getting enough sleep is crucial to being a safe driver. Additionally, if you ever find yourself feeling drowsy on the road, pull over and take a break. Even if you are in a rush, you can take a few minutes to make sure you are awake and alert enough to focus on the road ahead. If you have to drive for long stretches of time, bring a friend or loved one to split up the driving time. Finally, minimize all other distractions that may take your attention off the road. Avoid talking on the phone or eating while driving. These activities may provide a temporary way to stay awake, but anything that leads to distracted driving will do more harm than good. To stay safe while operating your vehicle, make sure you stay alert and focused every step of the way.

Have You Been Injured by a Maine Drowsy Driver?

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