Sherriff’s Offices Wraps Up Investigation into Fatal Maine Car Accident

Last July, a fatal car accident claimed the life of a woman when another motorist attempted to get back into the correct after passing several other vehicles. However, as the passing motorist entered the lane, he clipped another vehicle, causing his vehicle to spin out of control and crash into the woman’s Chevy Trailblazer.

According to a recent news report, the sheriff’s department charged with looking into the fatal accident just concluded its investigation and passed the file off to the local district attorney’s office. The district attorney is now considering whether criminal charges should be filed against the driver responsible for the collision.

Additional Details About the Accident

Evidently, the fatal accident occurred when a westbound Subaru Outback attempted to pass several other vehicles while driving on Surry Road. However, as the driver of the Subaru merged back into his lane, he clipped the side of a Honda Civic, causing him to lose control of his vehicle, which then collided with a Chevy Trailblazer.

The woman driving the trailblazer died from the injuries she sustained in the accident. The driver and passenger in the Honda Civic, as well as the driver of the Subaru, all suffered non-life-threatening injuries and have since recovered.

The district attorney explained that he expects to make a decision about whether to pursue criminal charges shortly. However, he also noted that there are many documents that must be reviewed, including “reports from each officer involved at the scene, crash reconstruction reports, vehicle autopsy reports, EDR (event data recorder) download reports, medical records, witness statements, first responder statements, 911 recordings, photographic evidence, expert reports, autopsy reports and drug analysis.”

What Does the Filing of a Criminal Case Mean for Accident Victims’ Family Members

In the wake of a fatal accident, surviving family members often want to seek justice on behalf of their deceased loved one. While the government may bring a criminal case based on a traffic accident, this is rarely the type of justice most family members have in mind. When the government brings a criminal case against someone after a car accident, it is based on their violation of the law. Because of this, the focus of the case is on punishing the at-fault driver rather than providing surviving loved ones with compensation for their losses.

However, grieving families can also pursue their own claims by filing a Maine wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil claim, meaning family members must meet a lower burden of proof. Because of this, the outcome of a criminal case is not dispositive of any wrongful death claim.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Maine Car Accident?

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