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A young woman was asleep in the passenger seat of her fiance’s vehicle when he crashed head-on into a 1,000-pound moose, standing in the middle of the Maine Turnpike last November. She has no memory of the animal flipping over the top of the vehicle as it tore off the roof and struck her in the head. 

But she did live to tell it. Her recovery has been a long, slow journey, and it isn’t over yet. She spent two weeks in a medically-induced coma at a hospital in Lewiston. Doctors feared if she did survive, the traumatic brain injury she suffered may leave her unable to care for herself, facing decades in a nursing home.

She has incredibly beat those odds. She had to learn once again how to talk, walk, write and perform other basic tasks. Like many traumatic brain injury sufferers, the recovery has been arduous, and the medical bills astronomical.  Continue reading

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