The Important Role of an Investigation in Maine Personal Injury Cases

Following a major Maine car accident, local authorities or police may work with professional reconstruction teams to establish a timeline of events and to figure out how the accident took place. Figuring out what caused an accident, whether it be negligence, illegal activity such as driving under the influence, or distracted driving, can be valuable for both parties to have on hand when filing insurance claims, considering lawsuits, and potentially securing criminal charges against the at-fault party if applicable.

According to a recent news article, a major car accident left a woman dead in its wake. The two vehicles crashed head-on, but local authorities are still investigating and claim the true cause of the accident may not be determined for a while. Police and firefighters worked with a professional accident reconstruction team to identify the timeline and events leading up to the accident. Following the collision, three people were transported to a local hospital with varying degrees of injuries, and one driver had to be extracted from their vehicle by firefighters. The accident remains under investigation.

In car accidents, however, investigations may often take a long time because of a lack of evidence. If there were no witnesses, nearby traffic cameras or cameras from businesses, or the individuals involved have a choppy recollection of how the accident occurred, it can take a while before investigators can definitively identify the cause or timeline of an accident.

In addition, in personal injury claims, investigations that lead to criminal charges do not guarantee damages to the injured party. For example, in Maine, drunk driving is a criminal offense if you operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or more. If the at-fault party is charged following an investigation with criminal operating under the influence charges, the injured party still has to bring a separate civil claim for compensation to cover medical bills or property damage. Because criminal and civil claims are separate and do not rely on each other, this distinction is crucial.

For potential plaintiffs, although investigations can be helpful for gathering evidence for your personal injury lawsuit, charges following from them do not guarantee damages. As the injured party, you still have to prove the elements of your case and your injury to receive compensatory damages. This is why potential plaintiffs are advised to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to set up an initial consultation and to go over their claims. Because of the complexity of these issues and the diversity of laws on various personal injury claims, it is crucial that you hire an attorney who is experienced and can successfully help you navigate the legal system.

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