Three Maine Drivers Injured in Multi-Car Collision

Too often, we meet with clients who are victims of car accidents that could have easily been avoided. For many clients, the accidents they report are the result of erratic driving and brief moments in which one driver is not paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, these collisions can sometimes be the worst we encounter in our practice, and the injuries that result can often be detrimental. However, accident victims can pursue a personal injury lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for the damages they sustained in an accident. These cases can make a great difference in a victim’s life, providing them with money pay for all their medical expenses, lost wages, as well as the non-economic impact the accident had on their life.

One such accident happened one recent Sunday afternoon. According to a local news report from Goldsboro, two cars were driving on the road over the weekend when one driver made a snap decision that resulted in costly injuries. At the intersection of Route 1 and Clinic Road, a Jeep was stopped at an intersection when another car drove in front of a third car near the stoplight. The second and third cars collided, sliding into the Jeep that had been stopped at the intersection. All three cars were caught up in the accident, and a witness nearby called 911 immediately.

Passengers involved in the crash were immediately taken to the hospital. Several were released and deemed to be only minorly hurt, but three were kept for surveillance for additional treatment due to the severity of their injuries.

Unfortunately, when one person makes one wrong turn, the results can be harsh. When parties are injured in the process, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Having a qualified, aggressive personal injury attorney to walk you through your options is vital, especially in moments where there is so much at stake.

Have You Been Involved in a Car Accident in Maine?

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