Two Maine Residents Killed in Crash Stemming from Police Chase

Maine car accidents are common, especially when roads are crowded and vehicles are moving at high speeds. Throw into the mix a police chase, and the risk of an accident increases exponentially. According to a recent local news report, two people died in a car accident stemming from a police chase on the interstate. Evidently, a man led police on a high-speed chase, which caused traffic to slow significantly on one side of the highway. In the midst of the heavy traffic, a tractor-trailer collided with a passenger vehicle, which pushed it under another tractor-trailer. Two local Maine residents were pronounced dead at the scene. The collision remains under investigation, but police have identified the driver in the chase that caused the major traffic stall, who faces multiple charges related to the chase.

In Maine, following a fatal accident where someone dies because of another party’s irresponsibility or negligence, wrongful death claims are available for certain individuals to file on behalf of the deceased. Because of the complexity of these claims, potential plaintiffs who are considering filing a wrongful death claim are always advised to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can navigate local state laws with ease.

In wrongful death claims, many potential plaintiffs do not realize that an individual or at-fault party could be found not guilty in a criminal case, but still be responsible for damages in a wrongful death case since these claims are civil in nature. Most of the time, wrongful death cases are advanced by surviving family members seeking financial compensation following a tragic accident.

In Maine, multiple parties can file a wrongful death claim following a fatal accident caused by negligence. Individuals who are eligible to file wrongful death claims in Maine include those who are a personal representative of the deceased’s estate, designated executors, or court established administrators specifically listed in the deceased’s will. Further, if family members such as spouses or other surviving family members were dependents of the deceased, they may also be eligible to receive compensation following a wrongful death claim.

In light of an accident potentially involving a wrongful death claim, filing a lawsuit quickly is crucial. Like other states, Maine has a strict statute of limitations rules governing when wrongful death lawsuits may be filed. In Maine, all wrongful death lawsuits must be filed two years from the date of the deceased’s passing. To build the best case, however, the sooner a case is filed, the better—waiting too long may make it more difficult to collect the compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

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