An Investigation is Critical to Recovering Damages After a Maine Accident

While accident reporting agencies group incidents into broad categories, in reality, each accident has a unique set of circumstances that can impact medical and financial recovery. Those who suffer injuries in a Maine car accident should not assume that the law entitles them to compensation. Law enforcement, emergency responders, medical providers, and insurance companies all have different interests in mind, and a victim’s compensation is not necessarily their priority. As such, it is critical that injury victims contact an attorney to ensure that they recover compensation from the liable parties.

Although the media depictions portray attorneys primarily in the courtroom, in reality, experienced attorneys are valuable during all stages of a claim. Maine lawyers can assist during investigations, settlement discussions, mediations, pre-trial proceedings, litigation, and appeals. Unlike many other parties involved in an accident or claim, a plaintiff’s attorney’s priority is to obtain a favorable outcome for their client. To accomplish this objective, a victim’s attorney will engage in a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances that led to the incident.

In the vast majority of cases, an accident indicates a failure on someone’s part. The failure could step from defective machinery, human error, or an environmental condition. While initial police investigations may point to a suspected cause or general fault, a thorough investigation can reveal why an accident occurred, and at which points it could have been prevented. This is especially critical in severe or fatal accidents where the parties may not be able to recount the events.

For instance, news reports described a Maine accident where a victim was life-flighted to a hospital following a crash. Police responded to the accident reports where they discovered an SUV on its side against a tree with an occupant pinned inside. The man was transported to a local hospital and then flown to a major medical center in Portland, Maine. Police stated that a woman in the vehicle left the crash before police and emergency responders arrived. The woman returned to the scene and had minor injuries to her legs. A postal truck was also involved in the accident; however, the vehicle and occupant did not experience significant damage or injury.

It is important that injury victims or their loved ones contact an attorney as soon as possible because early legal assistance can change the outcome of a case. In some cases, an attorney can visit the scene with accident reconstructionists and other experts. Further, attorneys can interview witnesses and other parties, gather relevant evidence, negotiate with adversarial insurance companies and defendants, and present compelling cases to judges and juries.

Have You Been in a Serious Maine Accident?

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