Wicked Winter Weather Increasing Risks for Car Accidents in Bangor and Elsewhere

According to WMTW 8, there are 12 counties that, as of Friday the 13th, were under weather advisories, watches or severe weather warnings. During the same time, there were more than a dozen road closings and delays that had already been reported. During these wicked weather conditions, drivers are asked to be cautious and alert behind the wheel to help reduce the risks of a weather-related car accident in Portland and elsewhere.Serious accidents are already plaguing the roadways. In Kennebunk, the Maine Turnpike was closed in the area after a tractor-trailer flipped over on the icy roadway. The tractor-trailer’s fuel tank was ripped open in the accident, causing diesel fuel to pour all over the roadway. The speed limit on that roadway is 55 mph, but was reduced to 45 mph to accommodate snow removal equipment.

Our Maine car accident attorneys understand that the winter weather conditions that we’re enduring are significantly increasing motorists’ risks for traffic accidents. We’re asking all motorists to be safe out there. We would like to remind you that safety doesn’t happen by accident – it’s planned. With the help of safercar.gov, we’re here to offer you some simple winter weather driving tips to help keep you and your family safe out there.

Safe Winter Driving Tips:

-Get your car serviced now. To help to keep your car in good working condition and to help you to stay in control in these dangerous driving conditions, take your vehicle to get serviced. Ask you mechanic to provide your vehicle with a tune-up and other routine maintenance.

-Check the condition of your battery. You don’t want to be left stranded with no power in the middle of a snowy storm.

-Be sure to fill your vehicle with an adequate amount of coolant. When coolant freezes, it expands. Make sure the coolant you use is designed to withstand the winter’s cold temps.

-Make sure that your windshield wiper fluid is also no-freeze, high-quality fluid.

-Make sure your windshield wipers aren’t worn.

-Be sure that your window’s defrosters are working well.

-Check the condition of your tires. Bald, worn tires are a sure way to increase your risks of slipping and skidding around on the slick roadways.

-Make sure that you always have at least half a tank of gas.

-Slow it down. Speed limits are set to be adequate in ideal weather conditions. Slow it down to increase safety.

-Check the weather, road and traffic conditions in Maine before heading out.

-Leave for your destination with plenty of extra time to avoid rushing.

-Always keep a charged cell phone with you.

-Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car, including a first-aid kit, blankets, nonperishable food, bottled water, etc.

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