Defective Products in Bangor and Elsewhere Still in Your Home?

There may be defective products in your home and you might not even know about it.

We’re talking about defective products that can cause serious injuries in Bangor and elsewhere. Remember the recall that was made earlier this month regarding the inflatable pool slides that were sold by both Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us?sThe recall of those products didn’t even come until after someone died and several others were injured.

Sometimes that’s just how it works, unfortunately. It’s important for consumers to stay in the loop with the latest recalls to help to make sure that everyone in their home is safe from dangerous products.Unfortunately, even when consumers know about recalls not many return the product or take it in to have the necessary repairs done. As a matter of fact, only about 10 percent of recalled products ever leave a consumer’s home.

Our Bangor product liability attorneys understand that many times it’s up to the consumer to stay educated about dangerous products. Take the recall of the furnaces back in February. Back then, there were about 200,000 furnaces that were recalled, with the same ones being recalled eight years prior. Still, more than 90 percent of the close to 400 accident reports came after the initial recall. This is serious business and consumers need to take these recalls seriously.

“We know that the majority of products that are recalled remain in consumers’ homes,” says Kids in Danger’s Nancy Cowles.

Why don’t consumers ditch the dangerous products?sExperts say there’s a number of reasons. One of the top ones is that they just don’t know. Others say that consumers feel they’re exempt from the risks and that nothing’s going to happen to them. Some say that it’s because since there’s so many recalls a year, consumers just overlook them as false or insignificant alerts. Whatever the case may be, the truth of the matter is that far too many people are being injured and killed by dangerous products long after warnings have been made public.

Cowles says that parents need to continuously check the products in their home and check the Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s recall list often. If you notice that something in your home has been recalled, be sure to remove it immediately. The risks aren’t worth it.

We aren’t able to protect our children from everything, but we are able to make the necessary move to protect them from the products that have already been deemed dangerous.

TIME recently released the most dangerous products that you may have in your home. These products include the Bumbo Baby Seats, the Lasko Box Fans, the Maytag Dishwashers, the Maclaren Strollers (before-2010), the Magnetix Building Sets, all Shades and Blinds from Roman, portable fuel from Gel Fuel, Toy Dart Guns from Family Dollar Store, various Drop-Side Cribs and LG Dehumidifiers.

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