Work Accidents in Portland and Elsewhere Prevented with Better Ergonomics

It’s that time of the year, the time when we focus on preventing work-related injuries in Portland and elsewhere. The entire month of June is used by the National Safety Council (NSC) to push for safety both at home and at work. During this time, the campaign will be working to spread the word about the most common forms of preventable injuries across the nation.From the 10th through the 16th of June, officials will be educating workers about the risks of injury associated with poor Ergonomics. Every year, millions of workers are injured because their work areas aren’t designed to fit them and to fit the job they’re doing. It’s important that you focus on proper ergonomics to avoid unnecessary and preventable injuries.

Our Portland injury attorneys understand that ergonomics involves making sure that a work area is designed to get the job done effectively and comfortably. All too often, workers are forced to work in conditions that are uncomfortable and painful. Ergonomics help to prevent injuries related to overexertion and other similar conditions. Ergonomics is especially important for those who work at a desk or on a computer all day. Repeating the same movements in the same position day after day requires a set up that can help to reduce the risks of a variety of conditions.

Every year, there are nearly 3.5 million people who suffer the unintentional injury of overexertion. As a matter of fact, these injuries constitute as the third leading cause of unintentional injury each year in the U. .

Ergonomic Conditions Leading to Injuries:

-Repetitive Motions.


-Resting on sharp edges or corners.

-Overexertion while pushing, pulling, stretching, reaching, lowering or lifting.

-Use of Excessive Force.

-Extreme Temperatures.

-Working in Awkward and Uncomfortable Conditions.

-Standing or Sitting for Too Long.

Desk workers are urged to make sure that their computer monitor is placed at least 20 inches away from their face at that it’s leveled slightly above their eyes. You also want to make sure that your keyboard is petitioned in such a way that you wrists can lie flat. It’s also important that your desk chair is adjustable and that it keeps you in an upright, comfortable position. By making just a few adjustments to your work area, you can help to reduce the risks of one of these accidents and can potentially save yourself from a life-altering injury. Make sure your work place is working for you and your safety.

Would you be able to recognize the signs of an ergonomic condition?sIt’s rather simple. You just have to know the signs!sIf you experience any tingling, numbness, pain, swelling, loss of grip strength, clicking or tenderness, you may be suffering from an ergonomic condition and are urged to see a physician immediately. Early recognition and treatment of these conditions may be your best defense against a permanent injury.

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