Determining Fault After a Maine Multi-Car Accident

In 2020, there were 35,766 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Accidents vary in severity and may involve multiple injuries and/or multiple cars. Accidents that involve more than two cars can be tricky to navigate, especially when attempting to determine who was at fault. Maine is a state that falls under the traditional fault system to determine how those injured in a car accident can be compensated. In other words, the driver who is found to be legally at fault for the accident will bear responsibility for damages. Damages include any losses that are the result of the accident, which may include medical expenses, lost wages due to inability to work, and property damage to vehicles.

In a recent news report, a devastating three-car crash in Lewiston, Maine resulted in one fatality and multiple serious injuries. The accident occurred at the intersection of Lisbon Street and Scribner Boulevard. One person was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident involved a Ford traveling inbound on Lisbon Street and the vehicle struck a Volvo at a high speed while the Volvo was stopped at a red light. The force of the collision pushed the Volvo into a 2017 Chevy Cargo Van. The driver of the Ford was arrested and charged with violating probation, and additional charges are expected, including operating a motor vehicle under suspension. At the time of the report, the other individuals injured in the crash were in stable condition.

It is important to note that all states have a statute of limitations for car accident claims, which is the deadline after which a person can no longer take legal action after being involved in a car accident. If the statute of limitations deadline passes, a person is no longer able to take legal action. In Maine, individuals typically have up to 6 years to file a lawsuit in court after a car accident to take legal action against the driver at fault.

Victims of car accidents often find it difficult to navigate the complexities involved in filing lawsuits to recover damages. In addition to ensuring that you file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations has expired, you’ll want to consider factors such as how to prove which driver was at-fault in the accident, which evidence to gather, and other factors that involve navigating court procedures.

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