Holiday Weekend Car Accidents in Maine

Car accidents are a leading cause of injury in the United States, with Memorial Day as one of the six holiday periods with an increased number of fatal car accidents. As the Fourth of July quickly approaches, Maine drivers should take heed of the statistics and cautiously approach the roadways.

There are many reasons why car accidents are more common during holiday weekends. While the reasons may vary between winter and summary holidays, the outcomes of either accident can be deadly. Some common reasons for holiday weekend accidents include:

  • Drunk and impaired driving;
  • Inexperience with the roadways;
  • Increased nighttime driving; and
  • Increased traffic.

Those involved in an accident during a holiday weekend may experience serious injuries. These injuries may be exacerbated as traffic jams can delay emergency responders from arriving at the scene quickly. Thus, it is important that those who suffer injuries or lose a loved one in an accident contact an experienced attorney to discuss their rights and remedies.

A recent study examined Memorial Day crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) from 1981 through 2016. The researchers found that of the 43,457 traffic fatalities studied, 15,292 (35%) occurred during the holiday. In the context of the study, holiday fatalities referred to traffic fatalities occurring from Saturday through Monday of the Memorial Day holiday. The study’s primary results showed that the likelihood of a fatal motor vehicle crash occurring during Memorial Day weekend was 9% greater than during the comparison period. Further, the probability of a fatality on Memorial Day was 18% higher than during a non-holiday period.

Further illustrating the findings in the study, Maine news sources reported on a serious Memorial Day crash on the turnpike in York. According to reports, officials stated that an SUV was speeding and passing cars during heavy traffic. The SUV slammed into a station wagon, and that vehicle slammed into a third car before losing control. The station wagon went on to hit a median guardrail. Several individuals involved in the incident were hospitalized.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maine Accident?

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