Maine Car Accidents Involving Police Pursuits

Police pursuits are often necessary to apprehend a suspect; however, these chases can put many innocent people in harm’s way. Maine car accidents involving police pursuits can result in serious injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. While the Bureau of Justice reports that most jurisdictions maintain restrictions on police pursuits, these incidents often occur and cause plenty of accidents.

For instance, a recent news report described a Maine police pursuit involving the driver of a stolen pick-up truck. According to the report, law enforcement began chasing the driver of an allegedly stolen pick-up truck. Troopers stopped the chase when they approached heavy traffic in a construction zone; however, they continued the pursuit afterward. Police used a spike mat to try and stop the truck, but the driver swerved and slammed head-on with a passenger vehicle. Three adults in the passenger vehicle suffered injuries and were taken to a local hospital. The pick-up truck’s driver and passenger also suffered injuries. Authorities charged the truck driver with several offenses, including reckless conduct, driving to endanger, and receiving stolen property.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that a significant number of emergency room visits involve speeding accidents. Speeding drivers pose a serious risk to road users, and the risk increases when the driver is evading authorities. There are many reasons these chases often end in an accident:

  1. Police chases often reach high speeds, which reduces the amount of time a driver has to react and avoid an accident.
  2. Traveling at high speeds can put stress on car parts and pressure on vehicles, which can cause a tire blowout or an engine to overheat.
  3. Police pursuits are inherently aggressive in nature, and drivers are more likely to lose control and crash into another vehicle or object.

There are both short-term and long-term impacts of a police chase accident. Victims often face serious injuries and significant medical expenses. These injuries and costs can result in long-term financial burdens and emotional distress. After an accident like this, injury victims and their families should contact an attorney to discuss their rights and remedies. The victims may have a claim for damages against the at-fault driver or even the police. However, these cases are very fact-specific and require the knowledge of an attorney.

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