Recovering Medical Bills After a Maine Car Accident

After a serious Maine car accident, victims may incur significant medical expenses that exceed their insurance policy limits. The effects of a Maine motor vehicle accident can reverberate in many ways. Treatment after an accident may involve outpatient procedures, surgeries, rehabilitation, and psychological care. Generally, injury victims are only responsible for medical payments as they incur them. While this may seem beneficial to the victim, the rule extends to the at-fault party as well. As such, generally, the law does not require the at-fault party to pay the victim’s medical bills on an ongoing basis.

Most medical providers require patients to pay their medical bills as they accumulate, regardless of whether they expect a personal injury settlement. This can pose significant financial hardships on the injury victim, especially if the accident impacted their livelihood. Maine accident victims should contact an attorney to determine the best and most efficient way to recover compensation from an at-fault party.

Maine follows the “fault” system to determine liability and compensation after a motor vehicle accident. Under these laws, the party who is legally at fault is responsible for the accident’s damages. Damages in these cases usually include medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, property damage, and other related costs. The primary methods for seeking compensation in Maine include:

  • Filing a claim under the victim’s insurance policy;
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party; and
  • Filing a third-party claim with the responsible party’s insurance company.

Maine is also unique in that it requires insured drivers to maintain MedPay coverage. In most situations, the coverage applies to anyone who suffers injuries in an accident while driving or riding as a passenger in the policyholder’s vehicle. Additionally, it often covers policyholders and qualifying family members who suffer injuries in another person’s vehicle. While the coverage provides some relief, medical bills often exceed the amount that MedPay provides.

For instance, local news reports provided an update on a harrowing head-on collision that occurred in Belgrade. According to reports, the SUV and sedan crashed into each other, requiring both drivers to be extricated by emergency workers. One of the drivers remained in the intensive care unit for over a week before moving to a regular surgical floor. The woman broke various bones, including her neck, knee, and foot, in the crash. Additionally, the woman suffered a hematoma on her brain and required surgery on her intestines.

Have You Suffered Serious Injuries in a Maine Accident?

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