Maine Nursing Home Lawsuits Based on Defective Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 continues to cause medical, financial, and psychological stress on people throughout the United States. In addition to the general fear surrounding the virus, many people, including those residing in Maine nursing homes, face the pandemic’s continued threat. These vulnerable individuals are at risk for serious medical consequences if they contract the coronavirus. Although most nursing homes and assisted living facilities understand the heightened need for health and safety measures, these facilities continue to see a rise in cases and deaths.

Maine nursing homes whose staff do not possess the training, skills, and access to personal protective equipment (PPE) to safely care for the facility’s residents, can cause a widespread outbreak. Inadequate and defective equipment can have disastrous effects on staff, residents, and visitors. Although, the government provides a broad range of immunity to these facilities for lawsuits related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maine nursing home neglect and abuse victims must understand their rights and remedies.

For example, a national news source recently reported a troubling situation where the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sent inadequate PPE to nursing homes facing the COVID-19 pandemic. These facilities were benefactors of a widespread effort to provide medical professionals with PPE. However, several nursing homes and assisted living facilities reported that the shipments they received included questionable products. The facilities complained that the boxes included unmarked zip-top bags with loose gloves, defective surgical masks, and protective gowns without arm openings. FEMA claimed that although the equipment met regulatory guidelines, they would be contacting the private contractor to issue replacements.

Like the nursing home industry, the government provides manufacturers and suppliers of COVID-19 related safety products with protection against certain lawsuits. Under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP), companies involved in producing drugs, devices, and PPE used for COVID-19 countermeasures are provided with certain legal protections. Although the immunity may seem broad, there are limitations to the coverage. The protection only provides coverage to specific businesses, products, and activities, and it does not cover claims arising from willful misconduct. Entities that do not fall into these categories may still be liable for negligence related to the design, product, distribution, or administration of defective products.

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