Netflix-Streaming Truck Driver Charged with Manslaughter after Fatal Crash

Distracted driving is extremely dangerous and results in hundreds of accidents on Maine roads each year. Drivers operating semi-trucks and other large vehicles while distracted are especially reckless, placing the lives of innocent Maine residents on the line. Semi-trucks and other large vehicles are more difficult to control and take longer to stop. Additionally, the damage caused in a crash involving a semi-truck is more likely to be catastrophic.

A recently published local news report discusses the criminal proceedings against a man who was involved in a January 2021 accident in which the semi-truck that he was driving struck another vehicle, killing two of the occupants.

According to the news article, the driver of the semi-truck admitted to law enforcement after the accident that he was listening to a show on Netflix before the Maine semi-truck crash occurred. The truck driver denied that he was distracted by the show, claiming that he had the screen turned away from his eyes and was only listening to the program. The truck driver claimed that the other vehicle cut in front of him and he was unable to avoid the crash. Law enforcement authorities apparently believed that the truck driver was distracted by the Netflix program, as he was arrested and charged with negligent homicide after the crash.

In addition to the criminal charges being faced by the truck driver from this Maine distracted driving accident, he is likely liable in civil court for the wrongful death of the two women killed in the crash. While a driver may be personally liable for some damages resulting from the crash, commercial and vehicle insurance policies are also used to help compensate accident victims for their losses. A civil claim against a distracted driver involves a less stringent burden of proof than the criminal charge, and an accident victim would not need to prove that another driver was watching Netflix to collect damages on such a claim.

Were You Injured in a Maine Distracted Driving Car Accident?

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