Understanding Maine Car Insurance Requirements and Laws

Everyone who owns a car typically also has car insurance. After all, it is required by law in most states, Maine included. Each state, however, typically has its own requirements for minimum coverage amounts and types of coverage each driver must have to remain in good standing. Understanding what each type of coverage pertains to is crucial so that if you are ever involved in an accident, you know exactly how much the insurance company will cover.

According to a recent local news report, a 71-year-old woman died following a major accident. Police reported that her car struck a tree after colliding with multiple vehicles and that the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Following the accident, another individual was transferred to a local hospital with minor injuries. Authorities noted that the accident involved at least four cars when the local fire department arrived on the scene. The accident remains under investigation.

Maine, like other states across the country, has specific requirements for drivers when it comes to car insurance. Every Maine driver must have liability insurance, medical payments coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, at a minimum. Failing to meet these minimum requirements may result in a fine or license suspension.

When it comes to liability insurance, all Maine drivers are expected to meet certain minimum amounts of coverage. This includes $50,000 in coverage for bodily injury or death per person, $100,000 for total bodily injury or death per accident if multiple people were hurt, and at least $25,000 in coverage for property damage.

For medical payments coverage, Maine drivers are also expected to meet specific minimum coverage amounts. Car insurance policies must include a minimum of $2,000 of medical payments coverage. Similarly, Maine drivers must have a minimum amount of uninsured motorist coverage, which pays for the expenses of passengers or family members who were in your car at the time of the accident and injured.

Following a major car accident, you may be wondering what steps to take next and what role your car insurance coverage plays in the dispute. If you were injured because of someone else, then you have several options for recovering compensation. You can file a claim under your own insurance policy, file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company directly, or file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver in the accident.

After filing a claim with an insurance policy, this typically begins an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident and the information you supply in support of your claim. The insurance company will then calculate the amount of damages and will either issue a settlement check or deny your claim. If your claim is denied or you believe the settlement check amount is inadequate, you have the ability to appeal the amount with the insurance company.

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