Route 26 crash leaves one person dead

A trailer-truck hauling wood chips and a pickup truck crashed and burst into flames on Route 26 early Monday evening. The crash occurred shortly after 5 p.m. near 122 Bethel Road near the Chowder House Restaurant. Police reports indicate that both trucks appeared to be headed north on a straightaway when the accident occurred near J & K Sporting Goods. A third vehicle was also involved. Maine State Police Sgt. Don Shead was heading up the investigation.

At this time, there is limited information on the cause of the crash. At Peter Thompson & Associates, we have investigated thousands of car crashes utilizing the very best experts in the field. It will be critical to conduct a timely investigation to preserve evidence at the accident scene and to record witness recollections of the events. Often skid marks and debris left from the vehicles will indicate not only the speed of the vehicles prior to impact, but the direction the vehicles were headed relative to each other.

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