Three killed in Fort Fairfield crash

November 13, 2009: A crash claimed the lives of three people Friday afternoon when a pickup truck collided head-on with a pulp truck and caught fire.

Because there is likely to be a dispute over how the accident occurred, it will be critical to conduct a detailed and thorough accident reconstruction and interview any witnesses, including the driver at the truck who also sustained injuries. At Peter Thompson & Associates, we utilize the very best accident reconstructionists to determine how and why accidents occurred. Field analysis of skid marks immediately prior to the collision is an excellent indicator of the positioning of the vehicles in the road and the speed of the vehicles prior to impact. The nature and extent of the damage to the vehicles is also an excellent way to determine speed, as well as the position of the vehicles in the roadway and in relation to each other at the point of impact. Because critical evidence necessary to perform such an investigation is often lost as time passes, it will be necessary in this case to begin the investigatory process as soon as possible.

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