Shoppers Urged to Check CPSC’s Recalls List to Avoid Defective Product-Related Injury in Portland

It’s that time of year again when shoppers are hitting the stores in full force in search of the perfect holiday gifts for friends, family members, co-workers and others. It’s important for all consumers to look over the U. . Consumer Product Safety Commission‘s (CPSC) recall list during the holidays to help ensure there won’t be a defective product on their gift-giving list. Recalled products can cause serious injury in Portland and elsewhere if not addressed.Our Portland injury attorneys understand that the CPSC reviews thousands of consumer products. Unfortunately, there’s a chance there are defective products in our homes and businesses right now, items that have been deemed dangerous and we don’t even know it. While it’s the CPSC’s responsibility to inform the public of the defects, it’s our responsibility to make sure that if we decide to give gifts, that they are safe and defect-free. Please review this list before bringing any new toys and presents into your household.

Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Equipment Recalled By Nautilus:

Roughly 10,000 Elliptical Exercise Trainers have been recalled because the foot plates on the devices have been found to detach from the machine during use and can pose a fall hazard to users. These products were distributed by Nautilus Inc. of Vancouver, Washington. There have been nearly 10 accident reports filed. These devices were sold under the model name Schwinn 460. They were sold at various sporting goods stores and online sites from July 2008 to May 2011. Consumers who own this product are urged to call Nautilus at 800-259-9019 for a free repair kit.

iPod Touch Rechargeable External Battery Cases Recalled by Mophie

More than 6,000 Rechargeable External Battery Cases have been recalled by Mophie LLC, of Paw Paw, Michigan, because the battery case’s integrated circuit switch can possibly overheat and cause pose a burn hazard. The company has already received more than 100 reports of the battery case becoming warm to the touch. More than 40 reports have been filed saying that the product deformed and nearly 10 reports were made of burns. Only battery cases with serial numbers that have the first five characters of TR113 through TR120 are under the recall. The items were sold in stores since April 2011. If you have one of these battery cases, call Morphie at (877) 308-4581 for a replacement product.

KEDS Girls’ Shoes Recalled by Collective Brands:

Nearly 50,000 KEDS “Know It All” Girls’ Shoes have been recalled because the stars on the heel can come loose and pose a laceration hazard. There have already been nearly 30 reports of scratches and cuts from these metal stars. The style number covered under this recall is KY40098A, which can be found on the underside of the tongue. They were sold in department stores from June to October 2011. If your child has a pair of these shoes, you’re urged to contact Collective Brands for a gift card for $30 that can be used at Stride Rite stores or on

As there are new products on the CPSC’s recalls website frequently, parents are urged to look over the list regularly. Many injuries can be prevented by staying informed. Happy Holidays!s

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