Steuben man crushed to death under dump truck

November 14, 2009: Forest Dale, Sr., 46, of Steuben was killed Saturday morning when he was crushed between the cab and the dump body of his delivery truck.

Dale was delivering a load of firewood to a home in Cherryfield about 11 a.m. when the accident occurred, according to Sgt. Timothy Tabbutt of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

In the process of attempting to raise the dump body on his 1-ton flatbed, Dale’s truck broke through an abandoned underground tank, Tabbutt said. The truck fell through all the way to its frame.

Dale, who had climbed under his truck to release the piston to dump the load of firewood, was caught between the cab and dump body when the truck fell and he was crushed.

The personal representative of Mr. Dale’s estate should be able to collect compensation from the property owner’s homeowner insurance. At Peter Thompson & Associates, we specialize in obtaining insurance coverage in complex cases such as this. We have successfully represented many victims of serious injuries caused by dangerous conditions on property. It will be necessary, as in the vast majority of the other cases we have handled, to investigate the exact circumstances that resulted in Mr. Dale’s death. In order to preserve necessary evidence, it is highly recommended that this investigation occur as soon as possible and not be left to the property owner’s insurance company.

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