Teens at High Risks for Accidents in Bangor and Elsewhere

As we recently reported on our Maine Injury Lawyer Blog, teenage drivers are most likely to be involved in distraction-related car accidents. It’s not only that they’re most likely to be involved in these kinds of accidents, but they’re pretty much most likely to be involved in most accidents.

According to new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were nearly 2,000 teenage drivers who died in motor vehicle accidents nationwide in 2010. In addition to that, there were another 180,000 teen drivers who were injured. The truth of the matter is that car accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for this young age group.In the state of Maine, there were nearly 20 teenage drivers who were killed in auto accidents in 2010. In addition to these driver fatalities, there were also 5 passengers and 6 occupants of other vehicles who were killed in accidents involving young drivers.

This age group is so dangerous behind the wheel that about 10 percent of all of the drivers who were involved in fatal car accidents in Bangor and elsewhere in 2010 were between the ages of 15- and 20-years-old. That’s alarming when you consider how small of a percentage of the driving population that this young age group makes up. Did you know that there were nearly 1,340,000 police-reported accidents from this young age group during this time?

These young drivers are just as dangerous on motorcycles, too. During 2010, there were nearly 220 teenage motorcycle drivers killed and another 5,000 injured in traffic accidents.

You might not believe it, but these young drivers are also likely to be involved in alcohol-related accidents, too!sIn 2010, 30 percent of these young drivers who were killed in car accidents were under the influence of alcohol. About 25 percent of them were legally drunk.

Officials with the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) urge parents to talk with their teen drivers about the dangers they’re bound to face on our roadways. Be sure to enact household driving rules to help to assist the state’s Graduated Driver’s Licensing (GDL) program. Make sure you lay down the consequences for breaking these rules, too. Awareness and enforcement can help to significantly reduce the risks of accidents for this young driving population.

Teen Driver Safety Tips:

-Make sure teens drive sober. If they’re busted with any amount of alcohol in their system, they could lose their license for a year.

-Always wear a seat belt.

-Make sure that the vehicle is safe to drive. A teen learning how to drive safely does not need to be further distracted by bad brakes or a sticky clutch.

-Drive defensively. Share the road with others.

-Be home before curfew.

-Limit the number of teen passengers in the vehicle.

-Obey all road laws and posted street signs.

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