Three Steps to Avoid Maine Winter Weather Car Accidents

Maine is no stranger to severe weather events—and even sometimes when the weather doesn’t appear to be too bad, snow, ice, and rain during the winter months can significantly impact road conditions. As a result, drivers must operate with increased care when commuting during the colder months. Even if there isn’t a storm at the moment, leftover snow, ice, or slush on the road could have devastating consequences for travelers.

According to a recent news report, heavy equipment was needed as crews worked to remove a truck after an accident. Local authorities reported that the driver of a Ford F-150 lost control of his truck after hitting slush and crossed the center line of the road, which put him in the path of a large box truck hauling newsprint. The box truck driver swerved to avoid crashing into the F-150 head-on, which caused him to fly through a guard rail and roll on its side. The truck stopped at the bottom of an embankment in the median. Luckily, the driver was treated and released from the scene for minor injuries, but it took crews several hours to remove the vehicle after shutting it down for several hours.

To avoid accidents in Maine, drivers must be ready for all kinds of weather. Because of how quickly the weather can shift, especially during winter, our roads can become dangerous and tricky to navigate in just moments. To keep yourself safe, there are a number of steps you can take as a driver to proactively prepare for potential accidents and reduce the likelihood of one taking place.

1. Limit Travel During Times of Inclement Weather

Although this seems obvious, staying off the road is the best way to remain safe when significant weather events are rolling across the area. Whether you pull over and find a safe place to wait it out or decide to stay home, avoiding the roads and poor weather conditions entirely is an easy answer for avoiding weather-related accidents this winter.

2. Drive Slowly

Sometimes, you have to get somewhere even when the weather is poor. If you must drive in these conditions, it is crucial that you maintain a reduced speed while operating your vehicle. Because road conditions could appear better than they are, speeding could increase your chances of getting into an accident if you lose control of the vehicle. Before leaving for your destination, allocate extra time for travel so that you can take your time and arrive at your destination without time any pressure. While on the road, maintaining a safe and generous distance from other vehicles will further prevent accidents.

3. Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

No matter the season, it’s always a good idea to check up on your car every few months. Ensuring that lights, windshield wipers, mirrors, and tires are all in good condition ensures that in the event you’re caught off guard in bad weather conditions, your vehicle is equipped to keep you safe.

Of course, sometimes, despite taking every precaution, an accident cannot be avoided. In these cases, an accident victim may be entitled to monetary compensation from the negligent motorist who caused the accident.

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