What Are Maine Underride Truck Accidents?

Although there are various dangers on our roads, trucks are responsible for a significant number of them. Being more susceptible to accidents because of their larger size and weight compared to average passenger vehicles, trucks can often put even the most experienced drivers on high alert. Of the various ways you could be involved in a significant accident with a truck, Maine truck underride collisions may be one of the most deadly and horrific.

A truck underride collision occurs when a regular passenger vehicle like a sedan or even an SUV crashes into a semi-truck or other large multi-wheeler vehicle and then slides under the truck. When the passenger vehicle goes under the larger truck, it often scrapes the roof off of the passenger vehicle and can kill the occupants upon impact. Sometimes, when the driver and passengers of the passenger vehicle are more fortunate, the crash will occur next to one of the larger truck’s axles, which prevents the passenger vehicle from physically going completely under the truck.

According to national statistics, truck underride collisions account for nearly a quarter of deaths from accidents involving trucks. Of all the types of truck underride collisions, side underride and rear underride crashes occur most frequently.

When a side underride collision occurs, it is typically because the truck driver is trying to cross a busy street or roadway, attempting to back across traffic, or is interacting with oncoming drivers in some capacity while making a large turn, and the passenger vehicle hits the truck at a perpendicular angle. Side underride crashes tend to occur most frequently at night or when there is poor weather or visibility on the road. In low light conditions, reflective details on trucks can be hard to see for drivers approaching the truck in oncoming traffic, resulting in these frequently deadly crashes.

In rear underride collisions, a passenger vehicle typically drives into the back of a truck and ends up wedged under it. Most commonly, these accidents occur because of trucks that are parked on the side of the road or are approaching something slowly. Poor reflective markers are also often a major factor contributing to these accidents, along with dim taillights, failure to use emergency signals, and drivers not properly using proper signage to indicate parked or stalled trucks on the side of the road.

In Maine, our roads are no stranger to truck underride accidents. If you are involved in such a crash, it is crucial that you seek medical attention immediately if there are serious injuries and document all property and personal damage for your claim. If the crash was caused by the negligence of the truck driver, ensuring that all evidence is consolidated will be crucial in the process of collecting damages.

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